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Neally Law provides full legal services for business including:


Business Plan Support


Business Plan Challenges


Personal Matters

Full Service Business Planning  

Employee Benefits

  Real Estate Transactions
Choice of Entity/Formation   Contract Litigation   Eminent Domain
Operating Agreements   Commercial Litigation   Timeshare Transactions
Corporate Governance   Mediation/Negotiations   Personal Contracts
Commercial Contracts and Transactions   Employment Litigation   Real Estate Litigation
Succession Planning   Wage and Hour Compliance    
Mergers, Acqusitions, Divestitures   Commercial Real Estate Litigation    
Employment Policies and Procedures, Advice and Training   Human Resource Complaints and
Independent Contractors   Real Estate Litigation    
Zoning and Land Use   Rent and Possession Claims/Evictions    
Timeshare and Condominium Law   Bankruptcy/Creditor's Rights    
Employment Contracts and agreements        
Non-Profit Support        

Home Owner Associations

Residential/Commercial Leases